2023 Invincible Challenge

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    Assemble your own rewards packet from the collection of items below. An automatic 25% discount will apply at checkout on any order that has more than one medal and/or shirt from this collection. Discount will only apply to 2023 Invincible Challenge medals and shirts. Discounts may not be combined/stacked.


    The 2023 Invincible Challenge is a flexible year-long challenge. Choose from either 2023 Miles or 2023 KM to be completed individually or tackled with a team (no member limits). 

    How it works:

    1- Sign up by purchasing a medal and/or shirt. Purchase includes event registration. Please note that stickers and patches do NOT include log access. 

    2- Log your distance. All distance-based fitness activities count. Run, walk, cycle, swim, row, etc. Ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, wheelchairs, and handcycling all count. 

    3- Join the (optional) Invincible Challenge Facebook Group for support and motivation.


    We work on the honor system. No reporting required. Use our optional manual online log OR any other method you'd like. 



    • Teams are created after purchase in our online log, not at checkout. 
    7 products
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